Experienced in Business

As a business professional in Toronto, I’ve worked for large corporations and in positions of leadership for the last 15+ years..  Having been accountable for large budgets & managing teams of hundreds nationally, navigating the landscape of business is not a foreign concept.

My experience has been greatly focussed around print publishers and transitioning their business to digital.  The concept of digital in that time has also evolved… First it was about how we introduce new ways to integrate digital technologies into existing manual processes.  Then it was around what technology is needed to automate manual processes to deliver operational efficiencies.  Finally as print businesses decline, migrating that revenue from print to digital has been a primary focus.

I’ve worked as a Sr. Manager, Director and a successful entrepreneur of my own small business.  I’ve been lucky enough to manage partner relationships, be accountable for the integration of new platforms and technology, building sound operational processes & key performance metrics as well as building dynamic teams of professionals.

Strong Business Acumen

A strong ability to make sound decisions, understand and deal with business situations resulting in a positive outcome.

Building Confidence

Say what you mean & do what you say.  Confidence must be earned & expectations lived up to.  Whether it’s instilling confidence in the customer, the business or your employees, to gain confidence you must demonstrate your ability to do what you say.

Data Driven

Simply put, data driven decision are smart decisions. Understanding the data critical to the success of any business.

A Team of Professionals

Your team represents your business.  Characteristics to building a team of winners…

  1. Knowledge/Experience.
  2. Customer Focused.
  3. Forward thinking.
  4. Employee satisfaction & retention.

16 Years

Corporate Experince


Budget Accountability

500+ Employees

Direct Reports