Digital Marketing

A seasoned digital strategist for SMB’s & a front-end web developer.

Business Professional

An experience senior corporate professional dedicated to building and managing dynamic digital teams and products.


20 years of drumming, performing, producing, teaching & collaborating.

Digital Marketing Professional

Since 2000 I’ve worked for companies managing the transition of their business into the digital space.  Integrating software & innovating how they do business; delivering efficiencies & improving the value of products to help remain competitive in the marketplace.

As the evolution of websites, digital marketing & social media have become such an integral part of our lives, it has become a viable & monetizable business model for many companies. I’ve worked at building & managing teams of skilled professionals to deliver best in class service and support for small & medium sized businesses (SMB).

People say about Sandro

“Sandro is one of those people you enjoy knowing. Always positive and upbeat, Sandro is a people-person who is also a very capable manager. Adept with process, Sandro is knowledgeable on many subjects and eager to learn new technology”

Mark D’AntoniOwner & Production Director, eBook DesignWorks | eBook Developer

“As part of the contract management team for a supplier of hardware and software solutions, I had the occasion to meeting with Sandro numerous times. The most lasting impression that I got, was his ability to discuss current/eminent issues, while keeping an eye on his company’s future needs. Never was his style confrontational, but always were his negotiations on par!

I would recommend Sandro to any company in search of a solid, forward thinking director.”

Frederic DelmerStrategic Accounts Manager at HomeNet Automotive

“As a leader, Sandro always knew when to speak up and address the team.
He served as a great role model and mentor for me. Whenever some coaching was to be done, I could always rely on Sandro to provide it.
He was always firm but fair and kept everyone accountable. Above all, when Sandro gave you his word, you knew you could trust him 100%

Sandro is an asset at whatever company he works for because he knows how to motivate his people and keep them engaged and loyal”

Sarb MinhasSupervisor at Canada Post / Postes Canada


  • Customer Focus

  • Integrity & Accountability

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Forward Thinking

  • Management Excellence

Web Technology

  • Front End Web Developer

  • Web Best Practices

  • Web Language Standards

  • Responsive Design

  • Mobile First Design

  • UX Fundimentals

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Paid Search

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Programatic Display

  • Retargetting

  • Analytics


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Pro Tools

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